According to our constitution, we are permitted to provide legal advice and extrajudicial legal aid. Our approach involves initially providing help for self-help and only acting directly as a prosecuting party in cases where the client has not been able to achieve a result. The first step is always an examination of the legal situation by the legal advice arm of the COFEK and our affiliate consumer centres. In addition, COFEK has the authority to proceed against improper competition and inadmissible terms of business in so far as consumers are directly affected by them.

11. What makes our services unique?
COFEK and its affiliate consumer centres advise and inform consumers in regard to their concrete problems. Consumer centre consultants deal with many inquiries and work on site in the areas of law and reclamation, nutrition, energy, products, loans, debts and retirement provisions. As a source of "help for self-help", advice centres and consumer libraries provide access to the countrywide uniform information system that provides citizens with comprehensive, up-to-date and specific information on an exhaustive range of topics.

12. Can I become a COFEK member?
Yes! Our members receive free to subsidized rates for our range of services. Consumers can support our work by becoming sustaining members. Your membership will help us to continue offering a cost-effective and comprehensive consultation service, as well as helping us continue to represent the interests of the consumer vis-à-vis government authorities, policy-makers and business. 

From now on, we are unlikely to be able to bring many important legal actions without the help of the contributions by our sustaining members.
When our work results in a more consumer-friendly formulation of general terms of business or the banning of improper competitive practices, then this is to the advantage of all consumers. You can find out how to become a member and the cost of membership by visiting filling our membership form from our head office or at the consumer centres.