1. Why go to a consumer centre?
Today an independent body representing the interests of consumers is needed more than ever before due to the changes being made to the national welfare system (new constitution, pension plans, health-care system, among others), the complexity of liberalized markets (energy, telecommunications) and the globalization of business.

The fact that we predominantly comprise publicly-funded, non-profit organizations and individual professionals means that we can provide you with independent and impartial advice. Traditionally, support for consumers in Kenya has come from the non-governmental sector.
The COFEK and consumer centres at the Counties and districts headquarter towns are the most important contact points for people seeking comprehensive consumer information and advice.

COFEK provides consumers with an overview of complex product markets and help them to understand complex market conditions. We also identify health and environmental aspects that may influence purchasing decisions. Our consultation focuses on legal questions concerning the relationship between businesses and private consumers. We explain to consumers what their rights are and how they can enforce them.

2. How does COFEK and consumer centres finance themselves?