The nurse (Anita) promptly informed me that there was a line and that I should follow it. I repeated my story with my daughter in tow, but she would not listen to me – almost becoming confrontational. (What I read is that she had a queue to clear and how she does it is her business) I informed her, that my daughter’s case is an admission case and that am proceeding to process the admission as I await my turn after 5 or so patients to clear.

She had the audacity to tell me that “no admission will be accepted until the A&E doctor certifies it” as she waved me off. I proceeded to admissions and completed the process in excellent time. Meanwhile, my child is getting weaker and weaker.

Upon returning to paediatric A&E, I went to the nurse and told her I was back informing her that the child was now very sick. She said “pls wait, I called and you were not here so wait your turn”. My daughter told me she wanted to lie down and slept on the waiting seat. I informed Dr. Githang’a of the treatment were getting here and asked him to intervene.

When we were finally called in by the attending Dr Mbugua, the child was so weak; I had trouble getting her of the seat. So by the time we got to the cubicle the dr was already moving on to the next patient. However, she stopped and took an interest in my daughter. I explained the story and clearly she was very concerned and put a call through to Dr. Githang’a.

But as they spoke, my daughter seemed to go into shock and I had to get her back into our cubicle. Upon checking her, her vitals were not good, pulse was low, pupils dilated, child was hallucinating, veins were near collapse. The one she got could not draw blood at all.


#1 Ice topher 2016-09-18 11:38
To whom it may concern. Dear sir,madam. Our patient Steve was released by his professor doctor macharia for home. He had sent another doctor on his behalf. Now we have been waiting for clearances for one and a half hours now. The nurses are just laughing and chatting on their desk. What are we supposed to do? We've asked but they just say 'wait'. St johns ward. Every bill is paid.

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