Upon reaching hospital, I checked into finance and asked the lady there to process admission forms and presented all the relevant insurance forms. This was done as we waited to see the same doctor who we had seen earlier. When it came to our turn, of course the fever had subsided but not the other symptoms pointing that the child was clearly not well.

I told him what her doctor had said and he said he’ll call Dr Githang’a to discuss and he left the room. He also took time to review the APA Doctors panel and informed me that Dr Githang’a was not on it. But I explained to him, my cover had exemptions on paediatric and gynecologist  doctors, whereby the patient is allowed to use their preferred doctor.

When he came back, he advised that they had discussed with daktari and he (the A&E doctor) had advised Dr. Githang’a that the child is well enough and no need to admit and gave us a battery of reasons why.

So I went back to Finance and withdrew the admission with APA insurance. No medication was given and we were advised to go home and continue with the meds given earlier. At that hour of the night we (my husband and I, did not have the energy to argue with him, considering that we had not slept since we left hospital at midnight). Thankfully, the fever had come down.

Sunday, 10th November 10.00AM, I arrived at with my daughter who was not clearly well and went straight to the A&E paediatric unit and spoke with the nurse there by the name Anita. I explained to her that we need to urgently see the dr and that dr Githang’a wants to speak to the covering Dr ASAP. This was prompted by the fact that I told the dr Githang’a (who was out of town) that despite my daughter’s fever being low, she was now vomiting and now her watery stool had streaks of blood and was very weak.


#1 Ice topher 2016-09-18 11:38
To whom it may concern. Dear sir,madam. Our patient Steve was released by his professor doctor macharia for home. He had sent another doctor on his behalf. Now we have been waiting for clearances for one and a half hours now. The nurses are just laughing and chatting on their desk. What are we supposed to do? We've asked but they just say 'wait'. St johns ward. Every bill is paid.

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