Dear Nairobi Hospital (Dr Cleopa Mailu, CEO - above): 

I would like the following 2 staff investigated for competency and patient handling skills;

1. A&E covering Doctor (Waki/Weki not sure), who was on duty on Saturday, 9th November from 8PM to Sunday, 10th November 3AM.
2. A&E Nurse, called Anita, who was on duty on Sunday, 10th November from 10AM to about Midday.

Chronology of events leading to mismanagement

I came into your hospital on Saturday, 9th at about 8pm with my daughter XXX who is 3.5 yrs old child, with complaint of running tummy, fever and dizzy spells. Visible signs included being sleepy, cranky and kept “jerking””, like someone who has just touched something very cold. The history given to the doctor was that the child had seen her doctor earlier in the day, been given medication with a caution to keep a keen eye for deterioration since she clearly did not seem well (at least her doctor knows her well to know when she’s not good).

I even advised him to call her Dr. David Githang’a, but I don’t think this was done. The covering doctor at A&E run a battery of tests which cost over Sh10,000, prompting your finance staff to get authorisation from the patient’s insurance for clearance. I think his name is Waki/Weki (sorry I don’t recall the name but am sure you can pull it off your records). After all that we were cleared to go home at almost midnight with some extra meds. We went home hoping that all is well.

However, on Sunday, 10th November at 2.30AM, we were back again to hospital with my daughter running a fever of 40C, which I gave bruffen to control as we left the house in Kileleshwa and removed all clothes, carried her in a shuka. Her personal dr (Dr David Githang’a) advised that she should be investigated as an in-patient.


#1 Ice topher 2016-09-18 11:38
To whom it may concern. Dear sir,madam. Our patient Steve was released by his professor doctor macharia for home. He had sent another doctor on his behalf. Now we have been waiting for clearances for one and a half hours now. The nurses are just laughing and chatting on their desk. What are we supposed to do? We've asked but they just say 'wait'. St johns ward. Every bill is paid.

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