My name is xxxxxx. I was admitted at xxxxx, Saint  Joseph's ward, Bed 31A on October 7, 2013.

On my admission by a nurse, she took an inventory of my possessions which included a mobile phone (Nokia Asha), laptop and Sh1500.

On October 9, 2013 at about 10.30 am, or thereabout, after talking to my mother on phone, I placed my phone in the drawer provided by the hospital and proceeded to the shower. I met an old school mate, a Dr. Mwai and asked him to flash me. He tried and told me my phone was off.

Sensing that all was not well, I walked back to my bed and realized my phone had been picked from the drawer and switched off. I immediately alerted the Matron in charge of St Joseph's ward. The Security head and his subordinates were summoned and they took my written statement.

The customer care manager also spoke to me. His statements were however inclined towards denying responsibility.

He stated that xxxxxxx is a public place. My take is that as much as it is public, it has restrictions of entry of non hospital staff, especially during non visiting hours.

His other attempt to absolve the hospital of liability is by stating actions by Mater employees while in the course of their duties and the resultant consequences can only be attributed to them and not the hospital. This I also disagree with.

The matron in charge of St. Josephs also tried to absolve the hospital of any wrongdoing. She tried saying there are notices everywhere showing that theft is a possibility in the wards; there were no posters with such a message.

Secondly, she said she spoke to the nurse who admitted me and that the latter stated that I had said that my wife would come and pick my valuables.

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