Kenya Bureau of Standards has, in a reactive manner, move to suspend the permits it had issued to Jetlak Foods Limited after Nuteez peanut butter was found to be unfit for human consumption - according to a leaked Government Chemist report.

KEBS, on Monday, further nullified the permits of Triclover (Clovers peanut butter) and Mother nature’s product (Mother Nature’s)after the two reportedly followed Nuteez Peanut Butter example of exceeded aflatoxin poison.


"KEBs has suspended the permit that allows it to use the standardisation mark for its Nuteez brand and the firm directed to recall all the products in the market," acting MD Bernard Nguyo has said.

"Tests were undertaken on the samples and confirmed to have aflatoxin at 25 parts per billion (ppb), which is higher than the maximum limit allowed by the standard. Manufacturers whose product permits have been suspended are instructed to discontinue the manufacturing or offering for sale of all substandard peanut butter," he said", he added.


Fifty-four samples of peanut butter have been collected from various points of sale and manufacturers from 1st July, 2018, to date and tested.

Even as this was done, the move by the Government Chemist, who discovered the huge amounts of 'poisonous sugar' last year pulls a veil on the slow nature of KEBS to identify and disclose various products found unfit for human consumption.

The move further raises credible questions on the meaning and value of the KEBS quality mark stamps found on all condemned products.

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