They are given a great title "brand ambassadors". But do not confuse them with envoys! They are poor youth who are engaged by a company called Gap Marketing - where they trek on the roads, in the hot sun - wearing T-shirts and carrying placards of major brands.

Sad part - that out of the Sh9,000 they agreed, only Sh3,000 was paid. The rest? It hasn't been forthcoming.

Reason, they complained to Cofek. When called, Gap Marketing could not link Cofek to its' managing director. Instead, it was one Collins Namayuba who said he can not speak for the company. Asked who his MD/CEO is, he advised Cofek to do an email to the company!

Our sources inform us that Gap Marketing is owned by Mr Ndirangu Maina who also owns Consumer Insight Ltd

But what is most intriguing is not the failure of Gap Marketing to pay the poor casuals - whose names and IDs are now in our custody. It is the brands that continue to advertise with the company even when it fails to pay the casuals.

Surprisingly, Gap Marketing lists key brands like Safaricom PLC, Haco Tiger Brand, Huawei, CocaCola, PZ Cussons, Cadburys, Nokia, Barclays, Chloride Exide among others.

In another world, such brands would cancel their contracts for a partner who does not meet its' obligations especially if the brands pay Gap Marketing. 

Gap Marketing has declined to respond on their Twitter handle. 

Cofek will apply all the lawful means to ensure the following are paid: SHARON O.; TIMAX M.; ALEX K.; DIANA S.; BRIAN B.; ATIENO C.; SOITA C.; BETCY L.

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