I am deeply disappointed by your (Jumia`s) response to a problem I have encountered after purchasing a product listed on the Jumia website.

I purchased mobile insurance cover by Kenya Orient via order number # 304662819 and Mpesa transaction MCK5DT3S7P 20/3/2018 AT 21:36:12 Paybill Online TO 510800 - iPAY Ltd AE60937T amount 894.

This was to cover my mobile phone fully in case of theft, damage or loss. However, months later, when I wanted to make a claim, the insurance, via email correspondence, told me that I had made the payment to the wrong paybill number.

However, all payments through jumia go through their iPAY gateway if payment is made through mobile money, which I did.

Now, after raising the matter to Jumia, they only offer me a refund of the money I paid, rather than follow up on the insurance payment made and the negligence that followed.

This is surprising to me because I received a call from the insurance company after payment was made requesting for my details to activate my cover, which I did.

I purchased the insurance policy with the legitimate expectation that in the event of loss, damage or theft, I would be covered.

Now when I am trying to follow up on the matter, the same people who were so eager to promise me excellent service and hurriedly taking my hard earned money are turning their backs away and looking for the closest way to escape the matter.

This stinks of deceptive practices and which makes me lose faith in Jumia. If this is how you treat your customers, then I shudder to think of what other malpractices have been committed.

The question that arises is who was in charge of ensuring that the policy was paid? It`s deeply disturbing because it show that somebody misappropriated the money meant to pay my insurance policy, even after I had paid.

An account with Kenya Orient was made under my name, showing that indeed someone did register me there, but either failed to remit the money to them, or used some other guise to ensure that the money went into their pockets.

If you fail to remit insurance monies which you receive on behalf of the Insurance company, why are you allowed to sell insurance policy covers through your website?

Who is in charge of that department because it is very clear that someone at your office was either sleeping on the job or working in cahoots with other untrustworthy characters.

As a loyal customer to Jumia over the years, I feel betrayed and deeply hurt by this action, even after I have repeatedly recommended your products to my friends and family over the years.

I am sure that if you put a little effort, you can resolve this matter, since you have all the records of this transaction.

You can find out who took that money, and why it was never paid to the insurance as they claim.

Consumer protection is key and I am hoping that you will follow up on this matter. Dissatisfied customer (Robert)

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