We are aware that Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) was established by an Act of Parliament Cap 131 and is responsible for regulating betting, lotteries and gaming activities through formulation and issuance of policy guidelines.  We are, however, deeply concerned at the waning ability by the Board to enforce and implement gaming laws and regulations on certain players leaving consumers badly exposed.

We are particularly concerned about the “PepeaNaFinje” lottery in which it was claimed the winner will have the prize of a jet (aircraft). That winner is yet to be made public. It is wrong. This is a fraud that must, with immediate effect, be unmasked and perpetrators be brought to book. Accordingly and invoking provisions of Article 35 of the Constitution, we hereby write to demand as follows;

  • That information about the names of your licensee company, directors, addresses, dates the promotion started and ended, amount of money made and winners and their prizes presented, if any, be immediately provided to ourselves for our further review
  • That the Board show cause why it should not be prosecuted for failing accountability test and or engaging in potential collusion with the licensee(s) to defraud the unsuspecting public.
  • That the Board undertakes to report henceforth, publicly and at least to ourselves and or the Board’s website, on the winners of all licensed gamings and lotteries including the ones conducted by media houses – and if there is no potential conflict of interest when a media house run such lotteries
  • Any other information that would assist our pursuit of justice on this and related matters

TAKE NOTICE that we will be compelled to move to seek legal redress against yourselves and such other party, as may be necessary, in order to protect consumer and public interest in this matter – if we do not hear from you favourably within 7 days from the day of this letter without further reference to you and or your licensees.

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