Dear Cofek: I need your help from Airtel. I subscribed to Airtel postpaid platform back in 2012 and all has been well and their billing was straight forward until in July 2018.

July 2018 invoice received had all the normal charges for voice calls, messages and internet but there was an extra category of charge named others.  

I questioned they took 2 weeks before answering and later came back with I am subscribed to two internet platforms which that was new to me.

I further questioned who subscribed me to other charges - to date no body who has answered me.

I ceased using internet for 1 month, the invoice received had the same categorisation, I questioned even though twitter, nobody who answered.

I have ceased using using Airtel completely for two months now and everytime they keep on invoicing me with the same charge categorisation.

I keep on emailing their credit control team questioning the invoices but they don't answer.

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