The ICT Ministry is once again involved in a major scam - this time round a whopping Sh16.3 billion cannot be accounted for on the digital literacy program.

The revelation by the Auditor General Edward Ouko comes at a time parliament passed the most punitive financial bill which emphasizes excessive borrowing and over-taxation.

But austerity measures and stemming corruption remains low-key affair for the new law. This essentially making the taxpayer's primary role as financing public corruption to the tune of at least a Sh1 trillion every year.

The ICT Ministry headed by Mr Joe Mucheru was in the news not long ago for failing to pay mainstream media after the Government Advertising Agency diverted the funds to fictitious accounts - wasting at least Sh2.5 billion. 

The perpetrators remain at large. The investgations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have been painstakingly slow.

The Digital Learning Programme (DLP) was initiated by the Government of Kenya in 2013. The programme is targeted at learners in all public primary schools and is aimed at integrating the use of digital technologies in learning.

The decision is borne out of the vision and context that technology now defines our world and there is need to prepare our young people for today’s realities.

The implementing body is the shadowy ICT Authority. The programme will be executed through a multi stakeholder approach.

The cost of the first phase of the project was estimated at Sh17 billion swas to deliver 1.2 million devices two years to cover all public primary schools. 

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