Calls to reform the births registration of the Nyayo House based Immigration Department intensified on Friday over the poor handling of the public. 

" are you aware of the gross ineficiency in your registration of births office leading to mistreatment of applicants who have to endure long queues and multiple appointments? Mother's with their newborn brave the multiple appointments and long queues there must be a better way of doing it!" said Hon Martha Karua.

"This is one department that is the worst in understanding just how people suffer because of their impudence and jailing one of them for bribe-taking just hardened them, It's not hard to find people leaving those offices with tears of frustration. Send them home early retirement", said Raymond Kirundi.

"I was there last week for my child's birth certificate. I arrived at exactly 8 o'clock & i made it to the counter at 1. Methinks its a deliberate frustration by officers, to entice us to corruption. Whats more they make deliberate errors so you can go back", Kipchirchir Chuma

"I remember my friend being frustrated for 2 years was it?", said Mwanasha on Twitter

"It's just a deliberate go slow to solicit for bribes for "faster" service. The immigration department is one of the most corrupt departments in this gvt of ours. Very sad", James Makau added

Immigration is now a State Department of the Ministry of Interior and National Government Coordination as led by Principal Secretary Maj-Gen. Gordon Kihalangwa.

Registration of persons, births and deaths; Providing immigration services; Management of refugees; Border management and Maintenance of the integrated population registration system are the core functions.

Although the tweets were copied to the Immigration Department, there has been response yet from CS and or the PS over the complaints. 

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