Over 5,000 Kenyans joined gab social media on the day Twitter continued its' crackdown by bringing down blogger Cyprian Nyakundi's handle @c_nyakundi.

Although they still remained on Twitter, the sleepy Gab app was today a beehive of activity today as many bloggers heeded the call by Mr Nyakundi to register and continue catching his explosive updates. 

"We must raise 500,000 followers in Kenya on Gab within 6 months", said Mr Nyakundi Cofek called him to know how he is carrying on post-twitter account.

Twitter said Monday that Mr Nyakundi's account was deactivated after he ran a compromising photo of a local media house CEO with two naked women.

The lockdown on Mr Nyakundi which was effected late last night send shockwaves within the #KenyansOnTwitter (KOT) fraternity. 

Gab prides itself as a social media network which works for "free speech" devoid of the excessive censorship witnessed with Twitter.

Among the notable Twitter users who joined gab are mainstream bloggers Mr Cyprian Nyakundi, Lord Abraham Mutai and Mr Robert Alai. 

Mr Alai who has over 1 million followers on Twitter posted on Gab saying "#TwitterCensorship sucks plus the ads. This is our new home. #KenyansOnGab #KOG"

Cofek new handle on gab can be found at: www.gab.ai/consumerskenya

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