The newly-established Cofek Legal Unit (CLU) specializes in public law, human rights and public inquiries. We act for individuals and special groups who have been treated unlawfully by public bodies and others.

The Unit has been founded to provide a specialist legal service in the fields of public law and human rights. We specialise in claimant judicial review and public inquiries, among others.

We are flexible in the way in which our service is provided and always strive to meet the needs of our clients. It is not necessary to attend our offices, we can either come to you and/or conduct our work by e-mail and ‘phone.

We are keen to provide publicly-funded advice and representation in public law. Through the new unit we hope to deliver specialised public law litigation. We are particularly interested in using law as part of the process to effect social change through the use of test cases.

We strive for a just and equal society where everyone’s rights (especially consumers) are valued and protected.


The Cofek Legal Unit operates under the umbrella of Cofek. We work with volunteers and more so - lawyers who are mostly interns, attaches and graduates of no more than 5 years since joining the Bar. We are a not-for-profit legal aid firm and we do not as a matter of principle conduct private fee paying legal casework.

Donations and contributions from the public are invited through our Mpesa Paybill 978610 or any other conivenient avenue

What is public law?

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