The board continued meeting and drafted two letters to the MD – one asking for show-cause and the other one asking her to show up the following day (Thursday) to hand over to her successor Architect Daniel Manduku. A media statement was issued around 9.30 pm that night.

“She was bullied badly. How can someone ask you to consult within 30 minutes for such a major decision? The writing was on the wall for her. It was long coming. A decision had already been made. But why didn’t Transport CS Mr James Macharia have negotiated her smooth exit? The man is either overwhelmed or unable to take charge of his Ministry”, said a source who didn’t wish to be mentioned.

Those in the know however say two key contracts – Kipevu Oil Terminal (KOT) and Berths 11-14 sealed her fate. The KOT tender was opened yesterday. Both technical and financials are now out.

Only late April, Toyo Construction Ltd of Japan was picked by KPA for phase two expansion of Container Terminal project. The Sh35 billion project is funded by JICA via a loan to be repaid over a 40 years period.

Toyo Construction Ltd local face is Mombasa businessman Mr David Lang’at.

Another main problem with the sacking of Ms Mturi-Wairi has to do with what our sources call “capacity challenges and incompetence” of Kenya Railways to implement “hasty presidential directives” on SGR.

“For instance, SGR is supposed to load 6 cargo trains from June 1. That is impossible. Kenya Railways bought 6 cranes at an estimated cost of Sh355 million each from China. They have all stalled after dropping containers. KPA stepped in. They are using KPA top-lifters and ganstries. KPA had asked Kenya Railways to find their own by June 15”,  the source with inside information Cofek.

“Kenyans are being fleeced by KR over SGR but their failures and incompetence is blamed on KPA. Ask them, if the yard that holds cranes to lift the containers is sinking or not. It’s a scandal you can visit and see”, another source added confirming the trouble with KR over SGR and the impatient State House shenanigans.

Ms Mturi-Wairi has been facing increased pressure from President Uhuru Kenyatta and Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia to increase SGR cargo off-take and eradicate cartels.

In March President Kenyatta reportedly admonished Ms Wair at State House Nairobi, over what he termed as failure to dismantle cartels frustrating movement of cargo by SGR.

State House had decreed that KPA forces owners of cargo to have it collected in Nairobi –even when they want the same picked in Mombasa – quite a steep order to implement given its’ an unconstitutional order.

“Kenya Railways do not any marketing. They seem to have no competence either. How else would you expect such a failed agency to then expect that it is KPA supposed to lift their containers and bring them clientele? No one would succeed”, a member of KIFWA told Cofek.

It is not clear whether Ms Mturi-Wairi will sue to seek for compensation or whether she would be recalled after the compulsory leave as she has neither interdiction nor sacking letter.

“KPA is a strategic national and county asset. They have Sh42 billion turn over, a current budget of Sh44 billion with profits of an estimated Sh10 billion and an asset base of about Sh200 billion. How does the PS pick a fellow architect who was handling a budget of less than Sh5 billion in a year”, another source queried.

“We are worried they will sack us. We are told at least 3 General Managers and at least 20 other middle level managers will be fired. Who will protect us?”, said a staff member on strict call of anonymity

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