Third, he allocated himself 3 vehicles with 2 drivers including the vehicle that had been assigned to then Finance & Administration Manager (FAM)Mr James Ambuso.

Fourth, Mr Shurie cancelled all staff transfers. The transfers had been approved at the 49th meeting of the Warma board.

Fifth, he went ahead and annulled all previous staff upgrading, promotions and annual salary increments which had been approved on August 2, 2017. As would be expected, the cancellation impacted adversely on the staff morale.

Six, what was to be more interesting - was to demand to be the sole signatory of all the Warma 52 bank accounts. When this was declined, he demanded to be the mandatory signatory on all accounts. 

When his FAM Mr Ambuso advised him that the move required board resolution, Mr Shurie accused him of insubordination and directed the Chief Cashier to collect bank signatory changing forms for immediate execution. Which was later done. 

Seven, in clear disregard for public service values and principles and the Warma human resource regulations, Mr Shurie unilaterally deployed 9 support staff working with the Warma World Bank project unit without involving the HR Manager.

Having consolidated his power base, Mr Shurie personally transferred a junior staff (driver) - one Shaban Ahmed Golicha from Embu office to be his driver. As per regulations, only the HR manager is supposed to sign such letters based on compelling reasons for transfer.

Eight, as if Mr Shurie was not yet done usurping the HR manager role, he then directed 42 newly recruited staff (less than 2 years before he reported) to visit the Warma head office on HIF Building - supposedly to collect letters terminating their services.

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