President Kenyatta must make lifestyle audit work. If junior government officers live beyond their means, EACC must commence investigations. EACC must stop entrenched culture of kickbacks and bribes from higher echelons of power ought to be considered.

We need to encourage Kenyans to account for what they own – at any time – all the time. Meaning, public officials must not only make regular declaration of their wealth but such declaration should be accessible to the public online.

If you want privacy, then avoid public service – it should be that simple. And if you can’t account for what you own – directly and indirectly – the law needs to grant EACC the right to automatically confiscate any income derived from corrupt actions.

We must also enhance the penalty on convicted crime – fines, jail terms and mandatory repossession of the empires of the corrupt. Perjury or introduction of misleading.

Second, there should be no compromise. Top government officials being paid by contractors and tenderpreneurs and or influencing businesses and appointments in their respective dockets need to be dealt like any other criminal. If a senior government official must be produced in Court, on lawful orders, there should be no compromise – police must comply.

People must be made to live within your means. Any reward received by an official from someone seeking contact with the government, need to be considered a bribe, until proven otherwise. This will shift the burden of proving one's innocence to the governmental official who has to convince the court that whatever is received is not meant to influence decisions.

Third, President Kenyatta need to right-size the public service and offer high salary as some form of guarantee of integrity. Civil servants should be paid high salaries wages because they deserve it, representing a decent and honest government. If they are underpaid, they may be tempted to engage in corrupt practices. Higher salaries will also attract the best specialists.

Fourth, President Kenyatta ought to support an independent, objective mainstream media, so they can expose all forms of corruption – without fear or favour. In any case institutions like EACC are known to only prioritize investigations on graft matters that they are exposed by the media.

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