Its time President Kenyatta stopped talking on corruption. He must act. Whether his friends or kin, he must send the corrupt ones to jail. He must start from the top.

Four things need to be done;




First, he needs to restructure and make changes at the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC). He must come to terms with the fact that the Reverend Eliud Wabukala team has failed him.

Beyond that, he needs to offer the EACC enabling legislative and administrative powers that can check DPP and also have DPP check EACC on performance.

President Kenyatta needs to strip the unwritten immunity from senior government officials and their immediate families on transparency and accountability.

Agents of EACC must have, for instance, the right to routinely check bank accounts, property, not only belonging to senior officials, but also their children, wives, relatives and even close friends.

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