It is police who, by law, investigate and charge criminals. When such criminals are police themselves and or are known to the police, evidence would be severely compromised. The public won’t share intelligence information.

But as corruption soars, so the fight against poverty and crime fail miserably. When we don’t fight corruption, we entrench poverty, more crime, leading to no development, no accountability and shrinking democratic space.

We must take lessons from Singaporean Lee Kuan Yew, who together with his party "People's Action" became the symbol of the fight against corruption. Their slogan? "You want to fight corruption? Then, be ready to send to jail your friends and relatives".

This is exactly the point from which President Kenyatta needs to reboot his strategy. He has little time. He needs to shelve the unsupported talk of  “Big Four Agenda” and take up the fight against corruption as the only legacy agenda.

His predecessor Mwai Kibaki is  remembered for infrastructure and free primary education. Kibaki never pronounced his priority agenda. He worked on them.

With failing criminal justice system, thanks to high level corruption and weak institutions, Kenyans can only expect corruption to get worse especially if the President does not change his tack.

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