My name is David. I operate M-pesa shop at Juja. On 21st April 2018, Safaricom deactivated my M-Pesa line 110085 without notifying me. I only realized when a customer requested for a deposit that is when they sent a message indicating that I am not authorized to transact.

It allowed withdrawals but rejected deposits. I informed my administrator on the same and she was puzzled too. When she checked from the systems, Safaricom had not indicated why they had suspended the till and since it was on a Saturday they did not respond to mails neither do they operate on weekends.

Assuming it was just simple technical issues I allowed my customers to make withdrawals since I hoped they would rectify the problem the following Monday. My float accumulated from Sh30,000 to Sh153,000.

On that Monday, they responded to the administrator that the till was suspended due to split deposit.  The administrator further requested for the withdrawal of the accumulated float as I wait for till to be unfreezed.

Kelvin Kagori from Safaricom anti-fraud team asked me to avail myself at Safaricom headquarters in Westlands. I went there in the unfortunately Kelvin was not available. The customer care desk requested one person from the team to handle my issue on behalf of Kelvin.

She convinced me that they could not open the line until 31 days lapse. Despite explaining how I was experiencing financial constraints they still insisted that I must wait for 31 days. Even they never allowed me in to explain my issue face to face. We were communicating through a booth situated at the reception.

I went home tired, angry, disappointed and heart-broken. I had to walk from Westlands to town since I didn’t have enough bus fare.

Today is 35th day since they suspended the till. No hopes to unfreeze it and according to the administrator they said  90 days must lapse. This is inhuman.

I have not pocketed any coin for 35 days. I have a family to feed, school fees to pay, monthly house rent, servicing loans etc. Despite freezing the till they should have allowed me to have access to my 153,000 and remain with the commission of 18,000 they had paid me. Why do I have to beg for my money, why should somebody punish my family by withholding my money?

Why did they suspend both deposits and withdraws? why did they want to gain commission from my customers withdrawals and on top of that withhold my money?

Why did they fail to notify me that they had suspended the line and by that time my float was less than Sh30,000 and I could not have allowed customers to withdraw?

Why did they say that suspension will take 31 days yet up to now they have not acted?.

 My appeal to you is to assist me recover my money either in total of Sh171,000 or 153,000 to allow them to recover what is theirs  and leave the rest to me.

With my capital I can even sell cabbages to feed my family but its inhuman to suspend my till and deny me access to my money.

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