The Energy Committee of the National Assembly has lined up hearings of various individuals and entities regarding the consumer outcry over failing services at the Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC).

Energy Secretary Mr Charles Keter will appear before the Energy Committee on Thursday, May 3. Others to be heard will be KPLC management, a mobile phone company, Registrar of Companies and Cofek.

Sources within the Committee indicate that the Committee will not address the issue of high electricity bills at KPLC since it is already a matter active in Court.

But the Committee, our sources say, wants the Registrar of Companies to unmask the owners of Vendit and Dynamo, the two firms reportedly scamming the consumer while ensuring the constant system failures of KPLC's 888880 code. 

KPLC has also been accused of doing little or nothing on marketing its' token code to consumers yet it reportedly serves 85% of the prepaid electricity market.

Since December 2017, Kenya Power has come under severe public scrutiny over continued high bills, token failure, frequent and last power outages and non-responsiveness. In Court Papers, KPLC has acknowledged billing errors as it moved to its new system.

A Cofek request to undertake a study of the KPLC billing system on the reported failures has not been responded to by KPLC management, to date although the Auditor General has indicated that the system and the infamous Sh10.1 billion recoverable from consumers is on his queue for a pending special audit.

Meanwhile, the Energy Bill, 2017 is currently going through the Third Reading also known as the Committee Stage of the National Assembly. Once passed, the Bill will be forwarded to the Senate as electricity is a devolved function.

Among the highlights, the Bill wants to scrap the monopoly of KPLC as a power re-reseller and distributor. Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir intends to amend the Bill by requiring KPLC to compensate consumers for no-scheduled power outages. 

Meanwhile, Cofek has initiated an online petition urging Kenyan consumers to sign it so as to draw the attention of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Energy Secretary Mr Charles Keter to the consumer outcry on dwindling services from Kenya. 

In its' recent hard-hitting but balanced editorial, Daily Nation, in a rare first demanded that "Kenya Power cleans up it's act"

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