The National Construction Authority (NCA) has interdicted its' driver who was found, last night, to have parked the official pick-up car KCH767Q inside a bar on the Tanzania side of Kenya's Namanga border.

The driver Linus Kiprotich who has served the agency for over 4 years, was alleged to have been entertaining a lady friend oblivious of the photos that went viral on social media with Kenyans urging Cofek intervention to stop wastage.

Talking to #CofekMedia early this morning, NCA Executive Director who also doubles up as registrar of contractors Arch. Daniel Manduku regretted the incident.

"We take the misuse of public resources very seriously. Its a one-off incident. It will not happen again", he said.

"We have suspended him for 3 months pending investigations. Cofek will be updated on the eventual disciplinary measure", he said.

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