The #CivilSocietyRoundTable will be taking a theme – for instance on security – and encourage high level government and civil society interaction. This would be, in part, fulfillment of the requirement at Article 10 of the Constitution on public participation.

The forums will be held on bi-monthly or in some cases quarterly basis depending on the consultations #CivilSocietyRoundTable Secretariat shall have with respective Cabinet Secretaries.

We appreciate the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) and the College of Insurance for accepting to host this historic occasion. We applaud Acting CEO Mr Godfrey Kiptum for elieving in the spirit behind the #CivilSocietyRoundTable.

The outputs of the forum will include developing a structured engagement with the Presidency through the Ministry of Interior and National Government Coordination.

Its Cofek’s expectation that the #CivilSocietyRoundTable forums shall culminate in an annual session with the President and Deputy President of the Republic.

Civil Society must no longer be seen in the lens of the protest times. The aim of the #CivilSocietyRoundTable is to move from protest to partnership.

We are keen to see Government find an independent Civil Society as an ally especially in achieving values and principles of public service as well as stemming waste of resources.

Austerity measures will be one key role the #CivilSocietyRoundTable with Government can easily realize.

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