On food safety, and we are grateful the Senate is discussing the Food Security Bill, we intend to have the aspect of Food Safety introduced into the Bill. Our view is that its time Kenya establishes a Food and Drugs Authority with less control from Government.

Its time Kenya manages the increasing level of anti-bacterial drugs in poultry and beef. This issue has not be given the weight it deserves by government. Same applies to high radioactive substances in fresh vegetables and fruits especially cases of urban farming on sewage and other wastes.

The aspect of accelerated food ripening especially in fruits must be addressed by complacent public health officers at the Counties. This is more pronounced in bananas. 

We have seen increasing cases in which meat is treated with dangerous chemicals to make it appear fresh and usable over a reasonable period. Consumers must beware. They must keen to differentiate beef treated with chemicals and that which is fresh. Same applies to non-inspected meat.

On transport, we are keenly watching the developments  are the Nairobi Metropolitan Transport Authority (Namata) to see how well the 5 Counties especially Nairobi could decongest their respective CBDs. Investment in this sector will need to be informed by research and public participation.

On health, Cofek wants to see the Health Staff Service Commission put in place to address hiring and welfare of doctors and nurses even when they will be serving at the Counties. We are deeply concerned at the heightened rot at the Kenyatta National Hospital. We support the Health CS move to suspend the KNH CEO and further demand that a fresh board of directors be appointed.

Still on health, the challenge of cholera at the Counties must be resolved. We are equally of the view that as presently constituted and with historical systemic challenges, the National Hospital Insurance Fund cannot and will not realize its' enormous expectations on the universal healthcare.

On governance issues, we do hope that substantive CEOs are required at both NHIF and NSSF. We hope that this will energize the new CEOs todeliver on their mandate without fear of their tenures being cut short

On online fraud and cybercrime, the number of incidents have increased. With people turning online for shopping - the online sellers have been engaging in deceptive campaign - either selling wrong items and denying consumers the right to act full compensation. 

Safety of digital and or online markets require a well-thought legislation to be combined with the missing national retail market policy and legislation. The retail market turbulence that followed liquidity challenges with Nakumatt and Uchumi supermarkets have ushered in unintended consequences associated with new and foreign entrants.

Kenya's retail space, physical and or online, requires an urgent policy and legislation to avoid current exposure and vulnerability for consumers. 

On collaboration with Government, Cofek remains of the view that it will continue engaging with willing government agencies in structured partnerships - without losing its' powers, immunity and privileges attendant to consumer protection.

Its on this strength that we will be hosting the first #CivilSocietyRoundTable1 with Government. We will begin with security and policing matters on the theme: Win-win for Government, Media and Civil Society relations. Interior Secretary Dr Fred Matiang'i and NPS IG Mr Joseph Boinnet will be our guests on Thursday, March 29 at the College of Insurance, South C, Nairobi

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