We have been keen on banking, communications, energy, transport and food safety among other subjects. On food safety, we are keen to see the country adopt the current standards on mandatory labelling as well as averting deceptive advertising.

Cofek aims at entrenching and well-enforced consumer rights in Kenya and her trade partners. We are keen to disseminate market information, and prohibiting specific acts or practices, or by promoting competitive forces in the markets which directly or indirectly affect consumers on transport, electricity, communications,among others.

As we mark our 8th anniversary, we urge Kenyan consumers to appreciate that consumer protection begins and ends with them. As an informed consumer lobby, we are not for price controls. But in cases, where the red line of decency and ethical business has been crossed for example banking and energy sector - we will support. 

We have had the worst ever public outcry on the excessive price of electricity worsened by irregular billing that arise from estimated readings. We have directly engaged with Energy Cabinet Secretary Mr Charles Keter who has been receptive and cooperative. 

In addition, we have formally requested the Kenya Power to allow our team of experts access to their new billing system to ascertain if theirs have been addressed. We have separately requested the Auditor General to undertake a special audit of the same especially on recoverability or otherwise of the infamous Sh10.1 from electricity consumers.

On banking, we have petitioned the government not to be armtwisted by the IMF on swift removal of interest caps law without addressing the reasons that necessitated it. We have equally urged business editors of mainstream media to avoid churning skewed and partisan single-perspective misleading information to the public.

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