My name is Mukuria. I am a rabbit farmer who was derailed by Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Resource Centre along Bombolulu Road in Industrial area, Nairobi, when they did not deliver on what I paid for.

I paid a joining fee of  Sh2,700 (KGT5C6NAKJ confirmed. Ksh2,700.00 paid to SME RESOURCE CENTER on 29/7/16 at 1:42 PM) and subsequent KHT8KVTY9K confirmed. Sh62,200.00 paid to SME RESOURCE CENTER on 29/8/16 at 3:15 PM. via mpesa to 

It was to cater to veterinary support, training of the person on the ground, rabbits, buy back of meat (where they come and collect).

A further payment was made to their carpenter (Robin Shikuku: Sh10,000 per day) whom they said I had to contract to meet the requirements of the rabbit hatch. The rabbit hatch did not last 3 months, it began to rot from the bottom and was eventually blown down by the wind with the rabbits inside it. 

Once I collected the rabbits in Thika, that was it. I asked them on numerous occasions to send me the training calender to no avail. When my rabbits begun to die, I called them repeatedly to come on site (making just one visit by a person who was not a vet or rabbit farmer) and treat the sick rabbits but no avail. All my rabbits died. 

Part of the deal they had promised was to replace the rabbits upon death. But alas, even that did not happen. They begun to ask me for an autopsy report. This was not only ridiculous, it was also not part of the agreement. 

I made three visits to their Industrial Area office which never yielded much because they would promise to visit the following day but never did. 

I asked them (Mary and Gabriel) for the contacts of their overall manager (Ms June Gathoni) and they refused to share it. There is no written agreement. They have a flier they issue which spell out what the obligations of the farmer and theirs is. 

In lieu of such an agreement. Please accept the LinkedIn communications I had with the founder, June Gathoni. Although she was receptive and apologetic in the beginning, in the end, she too made the decision to take my money, not live up to their obligation and expect me to forget and move on.

This project was actually meant for the society I support. Rabbit farming as a way to improve mental health wellness for veterans. It was also for the generation of income which supports recovery for war wounds. Everything fell through. 

This cannot be allowed to stand because the inconvenience, tears and loss that SME -Kenya has costed me is beyond human reasoning. It is simply inhumane. I would like to have my money back or the equivalent of what I spent in form of healthy mature rabbits.

But mostly, I have a feeling that it is not just me they did/are doing this too. They need to be reined in. Please Cofek intervene if you are in a position to or guide me in the right direction.

Thank you for taking the time to read my very long email message. (L.W Mukuria)

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