Right now am very confused...I paid Sh12,100 plus Sh200 delivery fee! 

Also note that I collected and returned the item myself to Jumia Collection Centre in the Westlands Centre. 

When called from Jumia Customer Service center this morning, the person notified me that the refund will be minus delivery fee (which I was okay with) and also in your email you confirmed that the money which is Sh12,100 will be sent to my M-Pesa line 0728157***.

Then now Jumia sends me your own voucher which am not okay with and worth only Sh5,641.00 which is less than a half of what I paid for the (bad) fridge??? 

Kindly Jumia, I need my refund of Sh12,100 sent directly to my M-Pesa +254728157***!

Regards, Rosebel


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