Three years ago we all thought that we had dealt a blow to the unscrupulous dealers and operators in scrap metal industry bringing order to an otherwise chaotic situation. Unfortunately, none of the key provisions of the Act have been implemented to date. There has not been even a slight effort to give an indication that changes are eminent in the scrap metal sector. For Example:

(a) The Scrap Metal Council, an Agency that would manage and regulate the Scrap Metal industry as per the act was to be created by the Minister in charge of industrialization and Enterprise. It is yet to be set up. Therefore the administration of the Scrap Metal Industry – licensing, restrictions, record-keeping, is yet to be put in place. The appropriate measures and mechanisms for regulating the scrap metal industry to ensure long term economic growth, while protecting public health and high levels of environmental stewardship in scrap metal recycling industry is still far from being achieved.

(b) Exports of Scrap Metal, despite the government’s stated objective of creating jobs and expanding the manufacturing industry, we continue to export our jobs to Asian countries by continuing our non-restrictive practices of shipping out much needed raw material by our industries. We have continued to expose our industries vulnerability to international metal markets. Kenya must take bold and strategic decisions to protect its raw materials from the insatiable export market in Asia. Kenya has the capacity and the industrial base to utilize all the scrap metal within the country. It makes sense for this country to stand firm in support of its own stated plan for industrialization by 2030.

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