The Public Interest Stakeholders Committee on Scrap Metal Trade has asked Industry, Trade and Cooperatives Secretary Mr Adan Mohammed (pictured) to appoint the Scrap Metal Council to end equipment vandalism. 

The advocacy group’s Spokesman Prof Karanja Njoroge said he is concerned that the law passed in 2014 has never been implemented over fears that the industry cartels have held government hostage. 

"It is not clear why Mr Mohammed has been reluctant to appoint the board of the Council as required by law. This is is unacceptable", he said

Prof Njoroge’s concerns will be raised on Thursday, March 1, as his group comprising some representatives of state parastatals meet with the National Assembly Committee on Implementation. 

“Believe it even the Scrap Metal Council  envisaged as the agency in the Ministry of Industrialization to spearhead the implementation has never been constituted. In the meantime the same problems continue to persist. Theft and vandalisation of highway assets, ower cables; telecommunication infrastructure continue. 

“We also are aware of illegal export of continued scrap metal and illegal smelters of lead that leave environmental degradation and risks to public health in many parts of our nation”, said Prof Njoroge. 

Only the chairman of the Council was picked mid last year. Other members have not been appointed. 

Members include Principal Secretaries for Transport and Industry, Commissioner General of Kenya Revenue Authority and the Inspector-General of Police 

Other members shall be the Scrap Metal Dealers Association; Metal cottage industry; Kenya Association of Manufacturers; large utility companies or agencies in charge of infrastructure and the Consumer Federation of Kenya.   

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