Hello my name is Godwin ** and I am a public servant in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government state department of correction service.

In September 2011 and I was in need of some financial assistance - so I approached a number of Kenyan banks to lend me some money.  After moving from one bank to another and staff of  banks having looked at my payslip, which to most I wouldn't qualify for any borrowing, since at the time interest rate of most of this banks was ranging between 24% and 25%. Fortunately, the bank I visited last was Family Bank and they were ready to lend me at 15%.

Without much thought, I decided to apply for a loan from them on condition that the other loans I had will be settled from the amount I was to be advanced and then be given the balance - which I would use to assist my wife pay fees at Kenya Methodist University since we had no other way out.

I applied for a loan of Sh800,000.00 and after fililng in the forms as I was required and submitted to Family Bank Kakamega branch. At the time I was undertaking a course at Kenya Training College (GTI) as they were better known then, so before the money was disbursed to me I left for my studies in Mombasa then the other process took place in Mombasa liaison with Kakamega branch. I cleared some of the loans I had then by Equity bank which penalized me to a tune of Sh70,000.00 for having to clear their loan early and also paid off Kenya Commercial Bank and one I had taken with a welfare I am a member to.

Family Bank issued me with cheques which I presented to these banks and the welfare after the maturity of the cheques - and money paid to my former lenders Family Bank credited the balance to my account which was not more than Sh150,000.00 or so. The loan I took was checkoff and at no time was I required to personally pay Family Bank.

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