Hello my name is Godwin ** and I am a public servant in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government state department of correction service.

In September 2011 and I was in need of some financial assistance - so I approached a number of Kenyan banks to lend me some money.  After moving from one bank to another and staff of  banks having looked at my payslip, which to most I wouldn't qualify for any borrowing, since at the time interest rate of most of this banks was ranging between 24% and 25%. Fortunately, the bank I visited last was Family Bank and they were ready to lend me at 15%.

Without much thought, I decided to apply for a loan from them on condition that the other loans I had will be settled from the amount I was to be advanced and then be given the balance - which I would use to assist my wife pay fees at Kenya Methodist University since we had no other way out.

I applied for a loan of Sh800,000.00 and after fililng in the forms as I was required and submitted to Family Bank Kakamega branch. At the time I was undertaking a course at Kenya Training College (GTI) as they were better known then, so before the money was disbursed to me I left for my studies in Mombasa then the other process took place in Mombasa liaison with Kakamega branch. I cleared some of the loans I had then by Equity bank which penalized me to a tune of Sh70,000.00 for having to clear their loan early and also paid off Kenya Commercial Bank and one I had taken with a welfare I am a member to.

Family Bank issued me with cheques which I presented to these banks and the welfare after the maturity of the cheques - and money paid to my former lenders Family Bank credited the balance to my account which was not more than Sh150,000.00 or so. The loan I took was checkoff and at no time was I required to personally pay Family Bank.

It was up to them to make sure that this money was remitted to them at the end of every month from my salary time of remittance was noted in any of our discussion but to my understanding this was to be done at the end of every month and from my salary which was the basis of me being advanced the loan.

The total amount was to be Sh17,223.00 for months. Along the way they said they only Sh8,000.00 being paid. I  had to check with my payslip and to my amusement found out that the balance reflected was mind-boggling because from the amounted reflected as balance was Sh2,200.000.00 there about and i was really surprised on the turn of events in that I expected to pay the bank Sh1,240,056.00 that is principal plus interest from our earlier agreement.

I enquired from the bank and i was assured i have nothing to worry about and that when the right amount is released their systems would know and won't pay more then what i was required to pay. At this time I was working in Kakamega, when in the year 2016 June I was transferred to Nairobi I went to our salaries section at Teleposta to find out the correct status of my loan.

To my surprise and without my knowledge the bank had actually varied the interest in the first 5 months after I had taken the loan to 25% and increased my monthly deduction to Sh19,108.00 and the period not 72 months but 112 months. At no time did i assign the power of an attorney with this bank to do whatever they would wish with my salary apart from the agreement to be paid Sh17,223.00 for 72 months at 15% interest and no other thing whatsoever.

As i am writing to you, I seek for your assistance to my understanding i owe the bank no cent but still when I went to be given my loan statement i was given  statement showing that my balance to date is Sh350,000.00 plus meaning that in the end I will have paid the bank more than Sh755,000.00 plus in interest almost 100% of the principal of Sh800,000.00.

I am a clerical officer and a bank to recover this much from me its just to much. I kindly beg Cofek to kindly come to my aide and assist me and many other kenyans out there who are going through the same experience hii ni wezi please assist i can not even effort the cost of an attony please assist me please. I do have some documentation if you may need them please. Hoping to here from you

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