We (an mpesa agent company) borrowed a Ksh. 2 Million loan from KCB Kasarani branch under the umbrella KCB-Mpesa Loan on December 2015.

We were paying consistently until October last year when one of our mpesa shops was stolen from by one of our staff who disappeared with close to half a million. Due to this setback, we did not manage to pay the October and November loan installments.

I visited the Kasarani branch on December to see the Manager, one Mr. Anthony, and explained to him our situation. After much discussion with him, we agreed that we would pay Ksh. 30K by end of December and starting January 2018, we would be paying Ksh. 60K until the missed installments were fully recovered.

I put this in writing, signed the document and handed it to him. We have followed the above instructions to the letter. Fast forward to yesterday, 1st February, and we realized that KCB had instructed Safaricom to freeze our commission account due to non-payment of the loan.

We were shocked to say the least. We have followed our pledge on our part and we expected that the KCB bank would honor its part too. Freezing our commission account means that more than 200K of our January Commission are locked and we therefore can't access them.

Surely, this is being unfair to us considering that we haven't even fully recovered from the theft on our shop. How are we even supposed to pay this month's installment when we don't even have any money with us?

I called the Kasarani branch manager yesterday morning and after explaining to him our plight all he could say was "somebody will get back to you".  I called him later in the evening after no one had called us and he just brushed me away with the same chorus "somebody will get back to you". As at the time of writing this email, no one has contacted us and our commission account is still frozen.




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