To     : Board of Management, Mhasibu Housing Company Ltd

FROM: Mhasibu Bustani Welfare Group

We act on behalf of Ruiru 3 investors ( your clients) , following their meeting  of 12/01/2018 held at St. Andrews Church  and convened by the Mhasibu Bustani Welfare Group. 

During the meeting the investors noted; 

  1. That , by your own admission , they had all fully paid up the money due to Mhasibu Housing Co. Ltd for plots acquisition , individual tittles processing ,and infrastructure development, details of which are well known to you;
  2. That the project has been inexplicably delayed and without transparency and clear communication;
  3. That the kiambu county government has issued  letters of authority to commence development of the perimeter wall on parcels LR No 11287/4 and LR No 11287/5 respectively;
  4. That the various components of the project are mutually exclusive and can therefore run concurrently;
  5. And that the welfare association has lately been seeking audience with the Board of Mhasibu Housing Co. Ltd to  consider and affirm project timelines without success 

The investors therefore instructed us to write  to and demand from the board of Mhasibu Housing Co. Ltd; 

  1. Detailed Bank Account Statement for the infrastructure money in your custody for the Period between October 2015 and in January 2018;
  2. Detailed architectural and structural designs for the various project components;
  3. The results of the proposed house typologies voting exercise held and concluded on 12/5/15 during a stakeholder’s meeting at the Nairobi Safari Club;
  4. Detailed project timelines for the various project components, , here below , with a schedule showing tentative start-by and end –by
  5. Formation of the project committee in which MBWG is represented
  6. Boundary wall around the estate
  7. Gatehouse
  8. Roads and Storm drainage construction works
  9. Water reticulation
  10. Electricity Reticulation
  11. Individual Title Deed Processing
  12. Project handover

Our prayer is that this information be availed to investors within the next seven (7) days to allow them plan for the  next phase of the project .

Attached please find a project history summary (Annex 1) for your review


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