The fifth session of the Energy #ConsumerDialogueForum will be held on January 31, 2018 from 8.00 am to 11.30 am at a Mombasa County Hotel.

Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and Cofek will be partnering on the "Consumers Dialogue Forum" to discuss energy sector regulation as relates to consumer protection.

ERC is mandated to regulate Licensing; Enforcement and compliance; Complaint and dispute resolution; Tariff setting and Energy planning.

The meeting will be discussing petroleum, electricity and renewable energy regulation from a consumer and market perspective. Issues around tariffs and licensing will equally be discussed. 

The Mombasa meeting comes at a time Kenyan consumers are reeling under the ever-rising electricity bills. Cofek wants to use the occasion to put ERC and KPLC to account as well as realize a roadmap to affordable electricity.

On petroleum, the #ConsumerDialogueForum will discuss the aspects of quality and quantity of fuel and cooking gas (LPG). Talk of adulterated fuel in the market has been rife. On the other hand, there are many consumers who feel that calibration of the quantities of fuel is not in consonance with what they pay. Less value for their money.

Still on LPG, the meeting will explore aspects of the market-driven campaign to reinstate unique valves. Its understood that ERC is conducting a study to inform the decision. Cofek has been on record opposing the move. 

Total Kenya has also refused to accept empty containers from its' rivals even as the Ministry of Energy says that a holding company is being put in place to manage the cylinders pool after delays in payment for their use was delayed by some oil marketing companies.

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