Cofek has written to the Standard Group acting Chief Executive Officer demanding a stop of advertisements by con land selling Property Reality Company a.k.a PRC.

The offensive ads have been seen on the KTN News channel. We are grateful that Classic 105 and NTV have since stopped the PRC ads

"Standard Group has an obligation to protect public interest beyond commercial gains from ads. You cannot allow a company that has shortchanged tens of thousands people to reach and con other unsuspecting people. You lose credibility and goodwill that is often associated with any responsible media house of your stature", read the protest note in part.

Incidentally, its "The Standard" editors who braved the pressure to publish the scam in the first place. We are aware that one leading newspaper succumbed to the PRC pressure to kill the story - on which we had equally been interviewed about. "The Standard" naturally comes out as a pro-people newspaper. To have KTN offer PR over scams exposed by "The Standard" is inconceivable and at the very least, unacceptable" added Cofek

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Here is the most popular Cofek article on the con PRC 

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