Cofek has started an online petition to collect signatures urging for President Uhuru Kenyatta to act on Inspector General of Police Mr Joseph Boinnet following the killing of a 7 year old boy (Geoffrey Mutinda) on November 28, 2017 in Pipeline area, east of Nairobi.

The online petition can be found at:

So far, over 400 signatures have been received in less than 6 hours. The petition reads thus;

"My son was in class 2 going to 3. He was 7 years old. I loved him most. He is now dead. Whoever police that shot and killed my son, I leave him to God," mom of Geoffrey #Mutinda who was killed in #Pipeline today

As President Uhuru Kenyatta was having state luncheon at State House, trigger-happy police officers (under the command of Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet were busy shooting anyone on sight. Usually, the excuse for such killings is that either those killed are protesters, looters or threaten the lives of police or other people.

Geoffrey Mutinda, 7, was playing at the balcony of their rented house in Pipeline area of Nairobi. Then a senseless, inhumane criminal in police uniform and paid by taxpayers including Mutinda's parents - sniffed life out of the young boy.

The parents have struggled. No apology nor compensation so far from the Kenya Police. In other jurisdictions, IG Joseph Boinnet the politically-correct man could have long resigned.

What is intriguing is the clean and promising talk by President Kenyatta and DP Ruto on democracy and peace. But not with a rotten police under Mr Boinnet. Please sign this petition and demand that he is fired by President Kenyatta

As expected, Kenya Police has issued a statement denying the killing;

DEAR READERS: We sincerely apologize for the raw and uncensored graphic image. In real journalism, and given the veracity of the matter and notwithstanding the sensitivities and pain to the kin, we have decided to run it as is - so as to send a strong message to the Government of Kenya and particularly Kenya's rogue policemen that the lives of the millions of the poor matter. In any case, like the Tunisian hawker who set himself ablaze out of frustration with authorities - so are Kenyans getting increasingly upset with the police. We undertake to pull the photo down as soon as acceptable action is undertaken


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