Kenya Women Holdings Group CEO Jennifer Riria with KWFT MD Mwangi Githaiga

The #JusticeForCatherineWanjiru has taken a new turn after the fraudulent Kenya Women Finance Trust, led by one Jennifer Riria,made numerous calls to Catherine to drop her complaint from Cofek.

A lady called "Peninah" calling from 0703067700 has become an irritant to Catherine. The #JusticeForCatherineWanjiru will soon take a new dimension.

Catherine has become the face of the tens of thousands of poor women that have been made poorer by fraudpreneurs at KWFT.

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KWFT styles itself as an unregulated bank, insurer and acts illegally as a Kangaroo court and an auctioneer. 

The story of Catherine, like many others, is a story of pain where poor women are induced to take loans with strange terms. Even after she cleared her loan without arrears, her milk-ATM was auctioned by rough KWFT who are unaware of the new regulations governing lawful auction.

Jennifer Riria, riding on paid public relations and fake awards some overseen by Deloitte, has styled herself as a messiah in empowering women. But behind the untold story, is the painful tales of women who are now poorer than before they engaged KWFT.

Ms Riria has avoided to return calls to Cofek. Instead, and in their usual conspiracy style, they now want to compromise their client they have mistreated and ignored for long.

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