Uber is pledging $5 million (Sh518 million) over the next five years to seven organizations that work to prevent sexual assaults.

The move is aimed at helping the ride-hailing service combat its own problems as well as society's as a whole.

The world's largest ride-hailing company says the money will help the organizations fund their own programs as well train 150 of Uber's customer service agents as part of a new team to deal with sexual assault reports.

In June, the company ousted its co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick, who has a net worth of $5.1 billion according to Forbes, after a female former engineer wrote a blog detailing how she was propositioned by her boss.

An investigation of sexual harassment and bullying resulted in the firing of 20 employees, and the company has promised changes.

During the past three years, dozens of women have complained to police that they were sexually assaulted by Uber drivers, according to news reports reviewed by The Associated Press.

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