We live on James Gichuru Rd in our residential home for the past 30 years. Recently about 5 years ago, a bar/nightclub called Le Palanka Bar and Restaurant opened nextdoor to our home.

Le Palanka have been keeping us awake all night long from Thursdays to Sundays with extremely loud music and parties every week.

We have formally engaged the Nairobi County Council who are in charge of dealing with noise pollution, as well as the police.

While the police do try to help, they say the only solution is for the County Council to enforce the law. 

Unfortunately either due to corruption or some other reason, the County Council is unwilling to act despite over 50 formal complaints from us and our neighbours.

We would therefore like your assistance in highlighting this issue to the Governor and or help us to take legal action against the County and Palanka so that the law may be enforced so that we may finally have peace. 

We are also aware that Le Palanka hosts some senior government officials, reportedly "on the house, to assure them of the impunity.

The restaurant is owned by a fairly arrogant Senegalese called Mamadou. Time and again, he has always dismissed our pleas to him.

Your assistance would be a Godsend for us as we have nowhere to turn and peaceful sleep is a luxury that we have been denied for so long!

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