We received several complaints, mostly from concerned parents, about the Dolce & Gabbana billboard located near Aga Khan University Hospital in Parklands area of Nairobi.

Upon our investigations, we have established that the prominent billboard, shown to a general audience including children, must be brought down for many reasons which include but are not limited to the following;

First, the advertisement is not African - Kenya is build on a strong legal framework which appreciates culture - as specified within the preamble and Article 11 of the Constitution. Fashion does not necessarily mean that it must be Western. 

Second, the compromising position of the man and woman suggests and indeed promotes urge for explicit sex than the purported fashion Dolce & Gabbana could be promoting.

Third, the excessive nudity, estimated at over 90 per cent of the image is calculated to compel attention particularly from the wrong age bracket who may be tempted to reduce their body to clothe cover ratio.

Fourth, and from the above the ad cannot qualify the rating as a general audience. It should be at best, be restricted to the companies shop outlets.

Fifth, the ad has zero per cent 'local content' - neither the environment, images and the people involved are all foreign. In short, there is nothing Kenyan or African around the ad.

Six, in any case, Dolce & Gabbana billboard ad motive appears to have been designed to cause public outrage in order that the company gets attention in the market. 

Such a deceptive advertisement, as specified under Section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, constitutes a false representation and an unfair business practice.

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I write to express my displeasure of Dolce & Gabbana Billboard advertisement on Limuru near City Park and the Aga Khan University Hospital. 

The advertisement is in bad taste considering the level of nudity in it and the fact that it is in a public space viewable by both young and old. 

I do not know whether my request falls within your scope of work but your voice to have this advertisement pulled down would be appreciated.



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