I bring to your attention the concern regarding parking charges at malls. Consumers visit shopping malls to buy and spend money on various goods and services.

My concern is the parking levies that malls have taken up to charge the shoppers. At one instance after spending Sh3,000 at Adlife, I had to part with Sh150 for parking!

I believe this is unfair and is not done in goodwill. The Junction, Prestige and Yaya Malls have also undertaken charging a minimum fee of Sh50 for being in their premises between 1 minute and 30 minutes. 

I believe that as consumers, the malls are taking advantage of the fact that most supermarkets, banks, ATM's and hospital clinics are now their tenants and seeing as we will require one or more of these services every week, it is not good practice to charge such a high fee for parking.

We go to the premises to spend and it would only be goodwill and not charge or reduce the parking charge to a minimal fee. 

I will leave it to the able Cofek team to conduct some research and find out how much monies these malls make from just parking.

I believe that at times their main cashcow is the parking fee levied on us, shoppers, whom the malls purport to be helping in providing better shopping experience.  

I would highly appreciate your feedback and intervention so that they do not continue to take advantage of the fact that they house the services we need in their premises and hence we will still pay whatever parking fee they levy. 

An average of 200 cars per hour by Sh50 each is equal to Sh10,000 per hour. Multiply that by the 10 or so hourrs they are in operation equal to at least Sh100,000 per day! Just for parking to come shop! 

Imagine if all I wanted was a packet of milk and bread. The price of my goods will go up by Sh50 because of the parking. Does it make sense to go there anymore? Even if they had a sale and I was shopping for four hours  and had lunch I will not save anything because I will pay about Sh200 to Sh300 for parking?  

I believe the fees need to be scrapped or revised to a minimum of Ksh.20, should they require to at least for maintenance, but I thought that the rental amounts paid by tenants covers maintenance? Please assit. Thank you

COFEK Response: We will do our best and we are glad Governor Mike Sonko is more receptive than his predecessor

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