Brian Gacari during his white-only wedding. He is the face of the PRC scam. 

I bought land from PRC located in Nanyuki. All payments were cleared by first week, November 2016. I was then told title deed processing had commenced and that i should wait for 3 months beginning November. That is to say November 2016 to end of January 2017. 

3 months came to pass. By end of January and they told me to wait for March 2017. March 2017 came to pass and I was told to wait for April 2017. I patiently waited. April 2017 came to pass.

Then I decided enough is enough. I requested for a refund on grounds of breaching contract. I filled out the form and was told to wait for 3 months for a refund minus a 10% penalty. I agreed as long as I got my money back. The 3 months was between May 6, 2017 to August 6 2017. 

Come July 2017, they called me saying they cannot honour our agreement in time stating they are undergoing auditing. They said payment will delay by one month.

That was to say my refund will be effected in September 2017. On top of that they gave a 10% waiver for delaying payment. I agreed. Payment was to be effected September 22, 2017 (today)! 

Today, I arrived at their offices and they told me they won't give me a cheque. Instead, they will do an EFT. I gave them my details and specifically told them to contact me once they have effected it. 

Today evening they called me to say they cannot effect my EFT because they don't have funds in account. Plain language they dont have money. They are broke. 

COFEK how can you help me because PRC it is just plain consmasters that PRC has become. Please help me get my Sh249, 000 back!

PRC sales person- Dennis - Upper Hill office. PRC refunds person- Barbara- Westlands Office

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