Brian Gacari: Face of PRC scam

Greetings Cofek: After reading about the PRC scam for the past week, I must also come forward as a victim.  

I first heard about PRC and their agribusiness scheme in Mbuni Estate in August 2016.

I saw they were endorsed by some big names and also saw that some of the directors were also renowned personalities. I felt confident enough to buy one plot at Sh700,000 and pay for a greenhouse separately at Sh250,000 - making a total payment of Sh950,000 to PRC.

I paid the Sh250,000 in August 2016, while the amount for the plot was paid in October 2016.

They also claimed that the farming would be managed by an Israeli company called Green Arava which is currently handling the Galana Irrigation scheme.

They promised us that the greenhouses would be constructed in a maximum of 1 month after payment for the same and title deeds would follow shortly.

However, we have been given senseless excuses since the deadline elapsed. I went to inspect progress about a month back and they could not even locate the beacons for my plot!

I sensed something was off and have been contemplating legal action ever since. 

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