FRIENDLY BUSINESS: Classic FM's presenter Maina Kageni and friends at the Brian Gacari wedding 

The emerging thread in all revelations of the unfolding major scam that is the land selling firm Property Reality Company Ltd (PRC) cases of duping of unsuspecting land buyers is the Classic FM and its' staff connection.

First, the relationship between Maina Kageni of Classic FM and PRC Chairman Brian Gacari is not that of a mere advertiser but friends. In the photo above, for instance, Maina is seen attending the wedding of the Brian Gacari and his wife Mercy. Classic FM goes on to post it on its' website with a mouthful flatter story to boot.

Second, the Radio Africa Group (which runs Classic FM) Chief Operating Officer Ms Caroline Mutoko is listed on the PRC website as a "board director" and member of the "finance, strategy & investment board committee".

Nearly all duped PRC buyers claim that they fell for the suspect deals on hearing Classic FM advertise them through celebrity Maina Kageni and the Classic Home Expo. 

Interestingly, both Maina Kageni and Caroline Mutoko have maintained their loud silence when invited by Cofek to respond on the PRC scam on their social media pages.

Classic FM went ahead to pen a nearly personal story of the wedding of Gacari's in a manner beyond news.

Meanwhile many more complaints on PRC are still pouring in ... sad tales of people losing cumulative hundreds of millions as Classic FM, Maina Kageni and Caroline Mutoko are mute. When will they speak out? What will make them speak? Because speak out, they must. 

Meanwhile last Friday, Mr Brian Gacari called Cofek and requested that Cofek forwards the complaints to PRC and that the website articles be pulled down. 

Cofek declined but instead proposed a meeting between aggrieved buyers and PRC board members. But as this was going on, over the weekend, Cofek discovered through one of the complainants that PRC was actually on a charm offensive of the complaining buyers one of whom slammed PRC for "sham PR" when "rattled" with ongoing Cofek investigations. 

That meant PRC, as had been complained of, lacked the good faith and goodwill to try the win-win dialogue option. In any case they remained non-committal about costs for Cofek intervention.

Mr Gacari had initially (on phone) requested an initial meeting between Cofek Secretary General and one or two of his directors - which suggestion Cofek declined on account that Cofek was not a complainant - and it could potentially raise integrity issues.

Same Friday staffer at PRC calling herself Barbra Mukatia Nyende had earlier called the official Cofek line bluntly lying that she knew Cofek Secretary General Mr Stephen Mutoro ... and that it was "personal and urgent" that he should call back.

She confirmed the lie when called back only saying she was under pressure to link Mr Gacari to Mr Mutoro.

Again, we have observed that nearly all email communication from PRC to its' clients are not signed with a name of staff. 

Cofek will soon call a meeting of all affected victims of the PRC scam to agree on a way forward which could include but not limited to a class action law suit against PRC, others. 

Cofek reminds all aggrieved PRC clients that the Societies Act, Cap 108 on which Cofek is registered requires them to immediately sign up for membership to enable Cofek to competently act for and on their behalf.

They can call 0715555550, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sign up for Cofek news by sending the words "Cofek On" to 40408

COURTESY: Classic FM: This Is The Million Dollar Wedding Kenyans Are Talking About 

Days are gone when most weddings were held in the church where one worshipped. This was simply to give everyone who worshipped in the church a chance to attend whether invited or not.

It was also a chance to help increase the church ratings but nowadays things have changed.

People prefer garden or beach weddings and can invite fewer guests, unlike the previous years where one would invite the whole village, constituency or even county to witness him say ‘Yes I do’ to his partner.

 Well, on Saturday, Brian Gacari the CEO of Property Reality Company Limited (PRC) and his longtime lover Mercy Njeri said “I do” to each other at a very exclusive wedding ceremony that was attended by their family and close friends among them radio king Maina Kageni and K24’s presenter Amina.
It was an all white affair. It was simple, special and one of the best weddings that we have witnessed so far this year. Gacari and Mercy’s wedding was held at the famous Leopards Beach Resort & Spa in Diani, Kenya.
Below are photos from Brian Gacari and Mercy Njeri’s million dollar wedding, go through.

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