BOSS: Brian Gacari Ngunyi, Chairman, PRC

I am writing to lodge a complaint against Property Reality Company Ltd (PRC). 

Following an advertisement by Maina Kageni on Classic FM radio last year and a visit to the PRC stand on the classic 105 Homes Expo, I did my due diligence on the firm and reached out to PRC for the Aberdare Phase III project where they were advertising an eighth acre plots with greenhouses for Sh549,000. 

The promise was guaranteed earnings of Ksh.250,000 after every six months.   

Six months later, when I expected the 1st returns, nothing had been done.  They withdrew the initial contract and issued a revised one whose terms were not favourable to me. 

I therefore opted to withdraw from the arrangement due to the breach of contract and requested for a refund of the money I had paid. 

They indicated that they would charge me a penalty of 10% on the cost of land which I had no option but to agree. The refund was meant to be effected on 3rd May 2017 which was after expiry of 90 days as per their refund policy.

To date, they have been taking me in circles with all manner of excuses including that they were being audited and could not commit themselves on the actual date they could make the refund.  They also advised that they had waived the 10% penalty due to the inconvenience they had caused by not refunding as agreed. 

Kindly assist me get justice considering that I am servicing a loan (for almost a whole year now) with nothing in return yet the company is still running their profit-making business as usual.


My name is ***. I would first start by appreciating COFEK for highlighting PRC and its scam. I am a victim of the same.

I bought a piece of land in Kajiado, Oldonyo 4 years ago through PRC and despite having a title, they still to date haven't done the beaconing, thus hard to identify the piece of land despite many exchange and empty promises to do the same. 

Such organisations are a disgrace to the society considering people are saving and spending a lot on the promise to acquire /invest in land only to be duped. I have soft copies of mails from PRC promising to do the beaconing but all were empty promises. 

Please assist if there is a way customers can seek redress from such scammers or what alternative I have considering I am currently working out the country. Once again, thank you for highlihting the #ThePRCscam.


It has been 2 years since purchase of land in Nakuru from PRC and till date I have not received the Title Deed being taken round in circles. Please assist.


I read your story about PRC. I have suffered similar fate after purchasing a 1/4 acre plot at Kikopey last year in December for Sh450,000.

The company pushed us to pay the full amount promptly, promising that they will give us title deeds by February 2016. It is August and we still do not have any titles and there is no communication from the company.  




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