Our group which is a women self-help group known as innovative minds is facing a problem with PRC.

We bought two pieces of land and we also paid for the greenhouse which they promised us title deeds and payments of two seasons every year for the greenhouse proceeds.

We have not received any title deeds for the land. They only paid only one season and sent us an email saying that the second season did not go well.

When signing the contract they said that the farming was insured and that even if the season is bad, they will still pay us.

For the titles, they keep on telling us that the board at Nanyuki has not yet sat to discuss on our titles,we are now wondering what is the way forward.


I am one of the investors of this Mbuni project that has never taken off. I paid for the land in full but have not received a title as of yet in addition to which when i seek information from any of the company's management team or client advisors, they just give inconclusive statements or never reply at all.

Kindly assist us to get our money back as i think this company are just out to take  Kenyans hard earned money.


Hi. My name is *** and I bought land from PRC end of 2013 when they had a December offer for land in Kajiado, Oldonye Ridge just after Olepolos....

I bought two plots each measuring 50x100 at price of Sh150,000 each hence spending Sh300,000. In 2015  I got both title deeds for both plots. 

We have been insisting to be taken to where our plots are located until today it hasn't happened. 

PRC guys said that contractors who were to do the beacons are on some other project and they will get back when they can get the Oldonye project underway.

Sad to say until today nothing has happened.


I bought land in their first project five years ago. Nothing has come forward up to now.  I have a tittle but the land is non existent.  My request to develop my land has fallen on deaf ears. Assist as you can


Last year I heard an advertisement through Maina Kageni Classic FM show to buy plots and greenhouse at Aberdare-3. I reached out to PRC and after doing research on the firm I thought it was genuine.  I bought one plot and a green house all at a total cost of Sh 549,000.

The promise was to earn Sh 250,000 six months after the project had started which was due in  September 2016. Three months later, the project had not started.

The original contract was also changed without consultations. The new contract term were not favorable and  therefore I chose to withdraw and requested a refund.

I served PRC a 90 days notice, which expired in February 2017. To-date I have not received my refund and they keep coming up with excuses.


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Please assist.

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