Dear Cofek: I am very glad that you are taking this up. I have been trying to figure out how to approach this, since I also feel conned. 

In October 2013 we bought 2 plots of land in their Serian Development. See attached letter of offer. I have the 2 title deeds we received much later and all other relevant documents.

I bought these plots, but since I am not a Kenyan citizen and not allowed to own free hold land, we put them in the name of my partner***, in copy of this mail. 

They promised us at that time that they would put in the roads and infrastructure within 6 months. 

We went to the area with the description given, since we missed the official viewing and looked at what we thought was the land, judging by the km distance from the main road given. A local Masai corrected us and showed us where he always sees the PRC car going. This was confirmed by others. 

After we got the title deed, we kept checking several times for updates from PRC. They were always vague promises. At one point they did bring in heavy machinery and seemed to start working on the road.

But the permanent road and bridge over the river is still not build and permanent beacons do not seem to be in place, I just checked with my Masai Contact right now. 

The last official update I received by email was on Sept 23, 2015, in which we were told that the road and permanent beacons would be put in Q4 2015. By January 2016 nothing had happened.

Last time we checked physically the beacons were still very jua kali and do not reflect the plot numbers. Since half of them were gone, I still do not know exactly which are my plots. 

Last time I send an email to get information, which was actually replied to was on March 2016, where I once again received a promise that the beacons would be replaced by permanent ones and the roads put in in the near future. 

I can provide copies of emails, title deeds etc if required.

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