The promise was to earn 250,000 for half year per greenhouse. Six months later, we were expecting the first pay and they had not started. No title. I requested for a refund because the contract was breached and they started taking me round in circles with funny excuses like they were being audited.

It has been 1 year of painfully paying for a loan which am struggling with yet the company is existing and making profits. It is painful to see the CEO of that company do a weeding of 1million dollars while my refund cannot be paid. Who can help me get justice. Am really desperate.” 

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A Cofek tweet to PRC @prcreality), Ndambuki and Kageni has not been answered. Cofek calls to PRC automated lines, as indicated on their website, went unanswered.

PRC board of directors, as per its’ website, includes; Brian G. Ngunyi (Chairman); Caroline J. Waiyaki - Head of the HR & Legal Board Committee; David Mugun - Member of the Audit & Risk Board Committee; Dr Fred Ogola - Head of the Finance, Strategy & Investment Board Committee and Ronnie Gacari - Member of the HR and Legal Board Committee;

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Others are Caroline Mutoko - Member of the Finance, Strategy & Investment Board Committee and Steve Lugalia - Head of the Audit & Risk Board Committee.

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Cofek will continue reviewing other complaints and thereafter write to PRC to show cause why a class action suit should not be commenced against the company.

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Meanwhile we encourage others with similar complaints to write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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