I hereby write to place to Cofek's attention that Jumia Kenya is applying intrusive marketing strategies. I signed up for a Jumia Account with the intention of engaging in online shopping but since then I have been frustrated by their website.

Initially all I received were emails (which I didn't mind) on offers on products I might be interested in. However currently my browser keeps redirecting itself to their website even when I'm simply surfing the "Daily Nation" website.  As a result of this, i am unable to peacefully conduct my academic work or elated research without the re-directions.

I have attempted to use anti-viruses and other browser settings to block the re-directions to no avail. This prompted me to raise the issue with Jumia and have engaged them but they maintain I should raise the matter with Google. (I am forwarding my communications with them for you to see)

These actions by Jumia cross the normal acceptable boundaries of marketing. Their strategies involve collecting browsing information to determine the items to appear in their pop ups yet when you request them that they stop - they do not.

Kindly intervene in order to stop Jumia Kenya and other websites applying these tactics in Kenya to stop.

Online shopping websites in these country need to be shown that there are boundaries for acceptable marketing strategies.

Currently, i have encountered only Jumia Kenya. Other online shopping websites are not doing this. (Benson Waweru)


Jumia Kenya's response;

Dear Benson: Thank you for your Email.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Kindly note once you visit our website the advertisements will be popping on your browser meaning you have an interest with our products.

Please note we have no control of advertisements appearing on your browser we pay Google to for that. Google has control of our advertisements. Kindly note you can use add blockers depending on your browser for instance opera mini and not Google because they are paid for that service.... Kind Regards, Jumia Kenya


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